We Can Fix Your Toilet Problems

Your toilet is one of the most important appliances in your home. We don’t pay much attention to it, but we definitely notice when it’s not working the way it should be. Nobody looks forward to toilet malfunctions, but Houston Garbage Disposal Repair can offer a solution. Our professional toilet repair service can restore your unit to a working condition in no time.

Do you have a clogged toilet? If you have a plunger, this is usually a very simple toilet repair that can be taken care of at home. However, sometimes this is not enough to get the job done. When that happens, you can be sure that we will be there to help. We will find whatever it is that is clogging your unit and eliminate it shortly after.

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Toilet Repair and Replacement

Do you have a leaking toilet? A common issue with toilets is water seeping from the base after every flush. However, this is easily fixed when you call Houston Garbage Disposal Repair. Over time, the seal between your floor and your toilet will weaken. As a result, it will cause your toilet to separate from the base. This is a simple toilet repair for our plumbers. We will have your unit working like new in no time.

Are you in need of a toilet installation? Unfortunately, toilet repair may not be the solution to the problem you are having. If you have damage such as a cracked toilet, it is best to simply replace it. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need a new unit installed. When you call us for your repair, we will set up your new unit for you and discard your old one.

We Can Handle Any Clog

A toilet clogged is usually a small problem with a simple solution. However, Houston Garbage Disposal Repair realizes that this is not always the case. When your plunger isn’t enough, you need professionals to come in and help. Our technicians will not stop until we get to the bottom of what’s causing your problem.

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